Meet the Qualified Caring Team at Legend Acres
Together they make a fantastic team in creating a wonderful environment conducive towards your pets health, physique and well being.​

Legend Acres
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Legend Acres Team 
June 2018

Left: Alysia, Shelby, Shayla, Barbara,
​Christi, and Callie
Hello, my name is Kristi Kay May, I am the owner of Legend Acres. I am originally from Port Hope, Michigan where dairy cows outnumber the people. I got my first horse around the age of six, and have grown up with horses and have shown and competed all my life. I did take a break from horses while I was in the Army, when I was able to purchase a farm outside Fort Campbell, Kentucky Horses came back into my life. As the owner operator of Legend Acres Animals are my passion. I currently have a bachelor's in Animal Health Technology/ Pre-Veterinary Medicine from Murray State University. A Masters in Animal Science with a Veterinary Practice Manager Certification at Murray State University. My Thesis is on Equine Osteoarthritis. I was a Graduate Teaching Assistant at Murray State University in the Animal Health Technology Program. I am a certified Dog Obedience Instructor,  AKC Evaluator, CHA Certified Riding Instructor, and CHA Certified Equine Facility Manger. I have a Certification in Equine Nutrition from University of Gelph and a Cognitive Canine Behavior Certification from Duke University and completing a certification in Trust Centered Training.  I am pursuing a Behavior Consultant Certification through International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC). In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and dogs Legend and Shilo Anne, horseback riding, kayaking, and reading.
Hi! My name is Lauren I am the Office Administer and a Riding Lesson Instructor at Legend Acres. I grew up in upstate New York, and I am CHA Certified Master Instructor and CHA Certified Equine Facility Manager. I started riding at age 8 after asking for the opportunity to for two years. Once I started, there was no stopping! I started showing on the Quarter Horse hunter circuit when I was 11, showing on the national and world level as a youth, and then as a professional. I began “breaking” and training horses at 14 from groundwork to jumping courses up to 3’6”, and found that I enjoy working with the “difficult” horses and helping them through their issues. I also began teaching lessons at 14, and I found my love of teaching riders of all ages and abilities. I love helping people learn how horses think and what riders can do to help their horses perform to the best of their abilities. I graduated from Houghton College in 2013 with two bachelor’s degrees in Equestrian Studies and Business Administration. There I was able to try other disciplines from western to dressage, which was awesome because I love trying new things. When I am not working I enjoy playing disc golf and mini golf, teaching my dog Rusty and horse Grayce new tricks, and going on adventures with my husband Matt.
Hello!  My name is Christi Nash and I am a CHA Certified Riding Lesson Instructor, Office Assistant and Kennel/Stable Technician.  I completed the UT Master Horse Course in 2018.  I am from Mississippi and have lived in over 6 states.  I have studied Music at the Conservatory of Music in Silver Lake California.  I have been involved in Dog Rescue for over 3 years.  I originally came to Legend Acres for my children to learn about horses and stayed.  I have a passion for learning and enjoy learning about horsemanship and dog training.  I am currently working as a kennel and stable attendant with the goals of becoming a CHA Certified Barn Manger.  I enjoy the outdoors and working with animals.  I enjoy spending time with my two children and my dogs.
My name is Scott Arnold and I am a Horse Trainer at Legend Acres. I was born in Anchorage, AK, but grew up in Alamo, TN where I first began riding at age 13. My passion for horses grew quickly and I began training at age 15. I have 10+ years of personal farm/ranch experience.
In the fall of 2015, my family and I moved to Erin, TN where I began pastoring a local church. In August of 2017, I stumbled across Legend Acres and my passion for working with horses was immediately rekindled. As an Assistant Trainer at Legend Acres, I enjoy providing high quality horse care and training from the ground to the saddle. I also enjoy spending time with my wife and boys, hunting, and fishing.
My name is Shelby Shorty, I am a US Army retired combat veteran, I am an assistant riding instructor, stable and kennel technician. I have my associates degree in pharmacy technology and my bachelor's in healthcare administration. I was born in Florida and grew up in upstate New York in the Adirondack mountains, and I ended up in TN by being stationed at Fort Campbell while I was active duty. I am married to my husband of 11 years and we have 2 children. I have always loved horses and also take lessons myself and just started competing in local shows over fences and am so excited for the future and getting my own horse.