Dog Boarding

We now have a new employee, Taylor , to learn more about her​ click on the Staff link.  Lauren and Erin are still with us and Lauren has been promotted to General Manager.   Stephen is our new Weekend Manager.  We are still using DAP, Dog Appeasing Pheromones in the kennel to reduce stress for your dogs while they stay with us. DAP is not a sedative but is the pheromone that nursing mothers give off to her puppies. We also installed a Doggie Dooley pet waste system. The Doggie Dooley system is similar to a septic tank. This not only provides us with a sanitary method to dispose of pet waste but also helps us to reduce the spread of disease. We tried infrared heat and we love it. We have installed 2 new high efficiency infrared heaters in the kennel. Infrared heat does not heat the air but the surfaces and the dogs directly, as if they were lying in the sun. This method of heating is perfect because the kennels are warm and the runs stay open to the dogs all year round.   New lights up in Kennel.  Now carrying martingale collars and select training equipment see Pet Products.
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Lessons and Training
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Horse Boarding

We now have eight stalls. We have improved storage for hay, feed, and tack. The tack room has been rearranged, Saddle Racks are up on the wall. The pastures are set up and now we can turn horses out in groups and slowly integrate new horses into the heard. The New Fencing has begun, we are fencing in the two ponds and 8 more Acres. We have a water source in all pastures at this time. We will begin work on the arena this spring as well, which will provide an area to exercise your horses without hitting the trails. The arena will also provide a safe place to ride during hunting season and winter when the days are short.  New Electrical was run to the barn and new lighting installed.  Water pump is fixed we now have running water at the barn, no more hoses through the pastures.  
Coming Soon:  Dog Obedience Classes, Behavior Problem Solving,  Organized Group Dog Walks

Legend Acres Now has Cat Boarding!  Cat Boarding includes twice daily litter box cleaning, time and attention, twice daily feeding and free play time.  Car Boarding is $10 a night or $50 a week!    Boarding your dogs but want to leave your cats a home Legend Acres can check on your cats twice a day to once a week for just $17 a visit.  Let us know how to best Accommodate you in your Pet Care Needs!