Horse Training
Legend Acres is a CHA Certified Facility offers affordable long and short term Horse Training Services. We provide Exceptional 24/7 Full Service, Worry Free Care, by qualified staff. Your Horses stay includes our Equine Wellness Program consisting of veterinary visits, daily turnout, and personal attention to meet the needs of Military and Working Families.​​​​

Legend Acres uses Natural Horsemanship and Positive Reinforcement training and Equine Behavior Modification on the ground and in the saddle.  Training work will be conducted in a round pen, on a lunge line, arena work, trailering, and trail riding.​​

Your Horse's Home away from Home or New Home includes hundreds of Acres of trails where your Horse will be able to enjoy the outdoors one on one. Legend Acres is unique in that each boarding/training package is unique to meet the needs of the owner and to provide optimal care and training for your horse(s). All horses are turned out daily and are supervised. Our staff provides affection, and attention in a stress free living environment.

Legend Acres is ideal for short or long stays where owners can enjoy a Guilt Free and Worry Free time away from their horses and know that while they are gone their horses are receiving exceptional personable care. Legend Acres is Small Barn with a family atmosphere Providing Large Barn Services.

​​Our mission is to provide a safe, clean, healthy and happy environment for horses where our philosophy is to provide friendly and flexible care to keep you and your horse(s) happy. We provide pick up and drop off seven days a week. Clients are also welcome to view the facilities by prior arrangement by appointment. It is vital for all our guests to feel comfortable in our calm and relaxed environment.

Legend Acres has a quarantine policy in place to ensure your Horse has a healthy, clean, and stress free introduction to our herd.​​​

Trailer in your horse for weekly sessions:  $17 for 30 minutes
 $35 for 60 minutes
 $50 for 90 minutes

Board your horse for a week:
$20 daily board includes hay and feed
$60 for three 30 minute sessions
$50 Deposit *Refundable at end of sessions ​

Board your horse for one month:
$200 board does not includes hay, feed, and farrier
$300 for training
Feed Hay and Farrier Additional
$90 Deposit *Refundable at end of Contract​

Board your horse for 6 months:
$180 board does includes hay, feed, farrier
$300 for training
Feed, Hay, and Farrier Additional
$200 deposit *Refundable at end of Contract

*See Contract for terms and conditions​​

Training is available in the boarding packages as described. Stable does not guarantee the results of said training but assures progress. The success of the training program is dependent on the nature and disposition of the horse(s) and the experience, skill and dedication of the Owner-Rider. If the Owner or Rider does not personally and consistently participate in the training, there can be no assurance of a positive outcome. Stable offers professional training at a location of your choice. ​​
Legend Acres
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