Horse Training

​Legend Acres is a Unique Veteran Owned business offering affordable Training and Lesson Services. Veteran Owned Veterans Served!​​​​

Legend Acres uses Natural Horsemanship and Positive Reinforcement training and Equine Behavior Modification on the ground and in the saddle.  Training work will be conducted in a round pen, on a lunge line, arena work, trailering, and trail riding.​​

Legend Acres is unique in that each training package is unique to meet the needs of the owner and to provide optimal  training for your horse(s). Legend Acres travels to you and works with you one on one for training sessions!!!

​​Our mission is to provide a healthy and happy environment for horses where our philosophy is to provide friendly and flexible services to keep you and your horse(s) happy. 

Private Lessons​​​​​
$30 for 30 Minutes
$45 for 60 Minutes
$65 for 90 Minutes​

Discount Packages
$140 for 5 30 Minutes Sessions​
​$200 for 5 60 Minutes Sessions​​

*See Contract for terms and conditions​​

Legend Acres does not guarantee the results of said training but assures progress. The success of the training program is dependent on the nature and disposition of the horse(s) and the experience, skill and dedication of the Owner-Rider. If the Owner or Rider does not personally and consistently participate in the training, there can be no assurance of a positive outcome. Legend Acres offers professional training at a location of your choice. ​​
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