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Horse Boarding
"Your Pets are Our Pets!"​​

Legend Acres offers affordable long and short term Horse Boarding Services. We provide Exceptional 24/7 Full Service, Worry Free Care, by qualified staff with CHA Equine Facility Management Certifications. Your Horses stay  includes our Equine Wellness Program consisting of veterinary visits, daily turnout, and personal attention to meet the needs of Military and Working Families.​​​​

Your Horse's Home away from Home or New Home includes hundreds of Acres of trails where your Horse will be able to enjoy the outdoors one on one. Legend Acres is unique in that each boarding package is unique to meet the needs of owner and to provide optimal care for your hours. All horses are turned out daily and are supervised. Our staff provides affection, and attention in a stress free living environment.

Legend Acres is ideal for short or long stays where owners can enjoy a Guilt Free and Worry Free time away from their horses and know that while they are gone their horses are receiving exceptional personable care. Legend Acres is Small Barn with a family atmosphere Providing Large Barn Services.

​​Our mission is to provide a safe, clean, healthy and happy environment for horses where our philosophy is to provide friendly and flexible care to keep you and your horse(s) happy. We provide pick up and drop off seven days a week. Clients are also welcome to view the facilities by prior arrangement by appointment. It is vital for all our guests to feel comfortable in our calm and relaxed environment.

Legend Acres has a quarantine policy in place to ensure your Horse has a healthy, clean, and stress free introduction to our herd.​​  Veterinary Technologist on site.  

 All packages are considered “full service” meaning the Owner is not required to physically attend to his or her horse(s) daily needs. Feed is included in the costs Legend Acres feeds Nutrena Pro Force Fuel. Owners can choose to provide his or her own feed. All horses will upon arrival to Legend Acres receive a nutrient requirement assessment by one of our Certified Equine Nutritionist.  Owners then can opt in to the Legend Acres Nutrition Program. Hay is purchased through the Stable. The cost of round bales purchased through the Stable is pro-rated if shared with other pasture horses.

Military and Veterans qualify for a 10% discount. Owner(s) with three (3) or more horses qualify for a discount. Note: If Owner is military and already receiving a discount, the higher discount of the two will be provided, not both.

​​6 Month Boarding Packages:
Pasture Board: Feed twice daily, provide access to round bale of hay, provide fresh water daily, clean run-in shelter, and blanketing.  Cost of feed, hay and farrier not included. Owner is responsible for veterinary care: $130 per month
Stall Board: Feed twice daily, provide hay and fresh water daily, muck stall and provide fresh bedding plus daily turn out, and blanketing.  Cost of feed, hay, farrier and bedding not included, owner is responsible for veterinary care: $150 per month.
Stall Board with Attached Paddock: Feed twice daily, provide hay and fresh water daily, muck stall and provide fresh bedding plus daily turn out with blanketing. Feed, hay, farrier and bedding not included, owner is responsible for veterinary care: $180 per month

​Board with training: Call 931-232-6044 for details regarding horse training packages. ​

30 Day Boarding
 (same description of services as 6-months)
 Pasture Board: $180.00
 Stall Board: $200.00
 Stall Board with Attached Paddock: $230
 Board with Training: Call 931-232-6044 for available training packages.

Security Deposit. Boarding packages for a minimum of six (6) months require a security deposit per horse in the amount of $200. Boarding packages for thirty (30) days require a security deposit of $90. These amounts are refundable on conclusion of the agreement having complied with the terms therein.  See Contract for terms and conditions

New! VIH Care Packages!!! Order a Care Package for your Very Important Horse all packages are $35! Pick one to get started and subscribe monthly for a new care package each month!!!
(Items will be substituted on monthly subscription unless they need to be replaced due to damage or wear)

VIH Package 1: Little Giant Bucket (Color varies), Small Jolly Romp and Roll, and 1lb Bite size nugget treats (assorted flavor)

VIH Package 2: Jolly Stall Snack Apple Kit, Hoofpick with brush, and lb Bite size nugget treats (assorted flavor)

VIH Package 3: Lick it Apple Refill, Vetrolin Shampoo, Jeffers Wonder Glove, Pyanha Fly Spray, and Plastic Curry Comb (assorted colors)​​

Barn temperature is regulated in winter months with Infrared Heat to ensure a healthy environment with reduction in upper respiratory issues.. 
​All stall boarding includes daily turn out to our many pastures.
​All Boarding includes two feedings morning and evening, daily stall cleaning, and stalls are cleaned out and fresh pine pellets are add to stalls as needed. 
​Pasture Boarding has a run in shelter for bad weather. 
Pastures have plenty of trees to provide shade and shelter for you horses in all weather.​
Hay storage is available to you. 

Trailer parking is also available. 
Use of trails, arena, and round pen.
Tack and feed storage available for your convenience
Legend Acres is a SmartPak barn, all orders ship free if you ship to us Legend Acres, also you never run out of your supplement or have to worry about making a trip out to the barn during a hectic week.​​
Four separate pastures

Equine Wellness Program
Farrier service offered every 6 weeks. 
Equine Dentist offered every 6 months.
Fecal Testing every 2-4 months.
Tick and Fly replant applied according to your preference.  We recommend Farnam Equi-Spot a two week drop, similar to flea and tick control in dogs, click here for a coupon or order 
Barn Area is treated with Diatamaceous Earth to control flies and ticks​​​.
To insects DE is a lethal dust with microscopic razor sharp edges. These sharp edges cut through the insect's protective covering drying it out and killing them when they are either dusted with DE or if it applied as a wettable powder spray.​
Large animal Vet Services available during and after hours.​

Boarding Requirements ​​
Negative Coggins required and rabies vaccinations.
Provide all grain feed and supplements ​
6 Month or 30 Day Contract
Complete Questioner ​ 

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